Our food truck is permanently closed. We had a blast, learned a ton, and made a bunch of people happy with some awesome food! Thank you all for the love and support.

If you seek a private chef or food truck consulting/advice, go ahead and drop us a line

Or, check out George’s Culinary Musings, an electronic journal on food, beer, and life written by our Sultan of Scrumptious. Among other things, he posts a weekly menu and grocery list so you can cook your own wholesome, otherworldly gourmet cuisine at home!

Eat Eatclectic Mobile Eats is a Denver-based gourmet food truck that serves an eclectic mix of globally inspired foods for your eating delight, like Middle Eastern, Greek, Mexican, Vietnamese, and American, to name a few. We use only the finest, freshest, organic  ingredients whenever possible and make almost everything from scratch. All of our disposable goods are compostable and/or recyclable. And, the food truck (well, trailer) is uniquely fantastical with “steampunk” designs from Katy. Find us and give our “wholesome, otherworldly street cuisine” a try!

We have a steampunk theme and aesthetic because . . . well, it looks cool, it’s eclectic, and Katy said so. But seriously, there’s a little more to it than that. For those of you that are unfamiliar with steampunk, it’s a retro-futuristic philosophy that speaks to many of the values we bring to our food concept. Steampunk is all about reviving the tenets of a simpler, more whimsical time – a time when technology did not try to control nature, where people took great pride in crafting wonderful things, and took the time to live in the present moment – and using those old-world values to go against the grain to better the world, to expect more from ourselves, and to demand something better from our world, and in this case . . . our food!

Please navigate our website to learn more about the Eat Eatclectic team, have a preview of our ever-changing menu, find our truck’s location, look at some pictures, read and write glowing reviews and press coverage, or drop us a line. We look forward to serving you, Denver!

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